Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Boss of Hearts all wrapped up!

Here's my tribute to The Boss. My friends and I have joked about an E Street Band deck of cards but, for now, I'm gonna leave it at this. I've included a small batch of my favorite boss songs below to wrap up this borderline obsessive project.

First up, Lou Reed's "Street Hasssle". Not a Bruce song, but the first time I heard this and noticed him doing some spoken word towards the end of the song, I lost my shit. Lou Reed and Bruce Springsteen on the same track is as good as it gets. The Boss kicks in at 9:03 in case you get impatient but, you should listen to the whole thing. 

One of the songs that converted me into a fan, "Streets of Fire".

Short and sweet. I haven't met a single person who dislikes "I'm on Fire". For all his epic 6 or 7 minute jams, this one outshines all of them for me. With all the hits on Born in The U.S.A. it can get overlooked but it's minimalism makes it stand out the more you listen to it. And you can't beat the music video to accompany it.

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