Monday, February 13, 2017

10 years of Soul Clappin'

This poster was a crazy one. Luckily for me Jonathan had set up something to work from so I guess I should call this more of a Ashworth/Toubin collab. I've used so many of these revue posters for inspiration on lay out, font choices, color schemes it was nice to go and do one down to the tiniest detail. It wasn't easy doing all those portraits but it was fun to stand back when it was all completed and feel like I was looking at something that could be from another time.

This Soul Clap is a special one: Jonathan Toubin is going to be leaving all of his records at home and the music is going to be coming from all live acts for his big 10 year anniversary bash. There's also going to be a few surprise guests as well and it wouldn't be complete without the dance off you all know and love. Don't sleep and get your tickets HERE while you still can. Huge congratulations and thank you to Jonathan Toubin for 10 years of the Soul Clap and Dance Off and continually asking me to do these posters.

Monday, February 6, 2017

BATHHOUSE-a sweaty good time!

We have come full circle. My good friend and amazing sculptor, Travis Winters, and I are having a 2 person show at the community college where we first started to groom our abilities. Be sure to swing up for the opening on MARCH 9TH, 2017 from 4-6PM at Corning Community College! Hope to see everyone there.

Featuring the work of Phil Ashworth and Travis Winters
Opening reception: Thursday March 9th, 2017
4 - 6PM
Corning Community College
1 Academic Drive
Corning, NY 14830

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Soul Clap Returns to Brooklyn Bowl!

New Soul Clap & Dance Off poster for January 21st at Brooklyn Bowl. I really felt like I had to shake up the color scheme this time around. Yellow still got in there but it was really commanding some attention the last few months and it had to take a back seat this time around. We thought it'd be good to shake it up with the sexes and Jonathan really wanted to use a strong black female since the party is right after the inauguration day from hell. So, after looking through some photos it seemed like Sugar Pie DeSanto was the right fit. Come dance the blues away on Saturday, January 21st! Party starts at midnight! Thanks again to Jonathan Toubin. Always happy to do these projects.

We both tried to work with this intense pose of her really emoting and maybe we could have broken through with something, but at the time it seemed like it was gonna be a hard one, compositionally and especially for recognizability.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hot Child in the City

This piece has taken me 3 years to make and it feels ridiculous considering it's no different than anything else I've churned out in that time frame. You'd probably expect some magnum opus but it's just all about time, baby. Always slipping away. I remember it being kind of a tough summer that year in New York and when it's hot in the city people can be at their absolute worst. This is how I saw it a lot those few blistering months. 

These were the very first sketches from 3 years ago when I initially started to plan out this piece.

Maybe this is why it took so long: Revolutionary techniques!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Soul Clappin' at Bowery Ballroom

I didn't have a working computer for 4 months so, sorry for the insane amount of posts coming up lately. Just trying to catch everyone up with what has happened in that time. This Soul Clap & Dance Off poster of Screamin' Jay Hawkins was whipped up about a week after i returned from Europe. The event has come and gone so unfortunately I can't let y'all know about this awesome upcoming party, just one you may have missed out on. Big thinks again to Jonathan Toubin. Process pics below.

In Between Documenting Europe..

This was done before I sat on the couch on November 8th and watched the results of the election in total disbelief.

Around Halloween I always wanna do some sketches about my favorite horror movies and it always comes back to An American Werewolf in London. It's the one for me. I even found the alleyway from the final scene in the movie while I was in London. 

Portrait of Dylan Rieder.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Paris: Part 2

I returned to this spot on our second to last day in Paris to see if I had improved at all since I had first drawn it back in early August. I wasn't totally pleased but I did notice an improvement in some areas. Besides having an eye-opening, great time traveling Europe for the first time in my life, it felt great to grow, or at least revive my abilities at life drawing.  Plus, whenever I feel a moment of nostalgia creeping in, I'm psyched to have this little sketchbook diary to reference instead of photos.

The raw beauty and wild cats of Greece

Greece, baby!!! The third to last stop on our odyssey and Athens had some gems in store for me. There are so many wild cats roaming the city and some of them aren't afraid to come up to you and be your new best friend. If our trip back was as easy as a few hours in a car, there was one cat in particular we probably would have brought home with us. This guy on the motorcycle was not the one but he definitely knows how to put on a show. He saw me at work and decided to make my drawing of a beat up bike into a great drawing of a beat up bike.

Like I said above, these Greek cats know how to make a picture really shine.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sketches From Italy

We spent a little over a week traveling through Italy on our european odyssey so I was lucky to get a good bit of sketching done while we were there. The big cities were great but those little towns built on the mountains next to the sea are where it's at.

This sketch of the bar in Florence was the point where I felt like drawing from life was starting to become a little bit more natural for me again. The militaristic work ethic of RISD drawing courses really loosened me up and I haven't felt that sort of comfort and confidence in my life drawing since then. It really took me a good month and a half of drawing almost every day on this trip to start to feel that looseness again.