Friday, March 13, 2015

Godzilla versus Barkley: A Love Story

Godzilla vs. Barkley was such a big deal for me as a kid. I had the poster and a shirt of it. Never had the shoes though. I've been working on getting some time to do this piece and finally got that feeling to throw it down one day. Maybe it synched up when the newest Godzilla film last year came out but I was feeling nostalgic and I wanted to pay homage and to one of my favorite advertising campaigns/illustrations of all time, and add my two cents on how this whole thing would've really gone down. But, there's one thing that has bugged me about digging through this old stuff and that is I can't find any information, anywhere, on who the illustrator was that did this for Nike. I want to thank them. And credit them so I don't get in any trouble for this piece.

This is the original image. It's amazing. It has to be one of the early major factors in making want to be an illustrator.

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