Thursday, August 27, 2015

Can't Believe This Actually Happend

A few months back, I was contacted by The New York Times about the a-frame drawings I had been doing at Gimme Coffee and that they were interested in including me in an article with other people who had been doing similar work for cafes and bars. Yes, you read that right. Little ol' me, and other fellow practitioners of the trade, were actually getting enough attention from our sidewalk sign drawings to get picked up for an article by the New York Times! Welp, here it is, people:

And, in honor of this occasion, which I still can't believe happened, I'm going to include some of what I consider 'The Greatest Hits'. Thanks again to Marisa Meltzer for interviewing me!

For this last one, I have to include an inked version I did, because I'm stupid and didn't take a photo of my Brewed in the USA one. I can't believe that shit. Of all the ones I neglected to take a photo of, it was of one inspired by a true hero of mine.

Who knows what's next. T-shirts?

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