Thursday, April 21, 2016

From 95 The Met to Earnhardt

Recent t-shirt design I whipped up for the band, Earnhardt. A while back, the lead singer of the band was a regular at the coffee shop I work at and spoke to me about a t-shirt I was wearing. It had a hot pink and blue logo of the radio station, 95 The Met, which I grew up listening to. Turned out he was from a town a short drive away from where I grew up and was curious if I actually knew the station. Well, that sealed the deal, we've had some beers since then, he's helped me assemble some stuff for my apartment and I've been to some of his shows. So, when the time came for a t-shirt design, how could I say no? Him and the band had a pretty solid idea for the design and the color scheme so we messed around with some sketches and then quickly moved into the final and that was that. Thanks to Adam for asking me to do this. Long live the southern tier!

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