Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Soul Clap Returns to Brooklyn Bowl!

New Soul Clap & Dance Off poster for January 21st at Brooklyn Bowl. I really felt like I had to shake up the color scheme this time around. Yellow still got in there but it was really commanding some attention the last few months and it had to take a back seat this time around. We thought it'd be good to shake it up with the sexes and Jonathan really wanted to use a strong black female since the party is right after the inauguration day from hell. So, after looking through some photos it seemed like Sugar Pie DeSanto was the right fit. Come dance the blues away on Saturday, January 21st! Party starts at midnight! Thanks again to Jonathan Toubin. Always happy to do these projects.

We both tried to work with this intense pose of her really emoting and maybe we could have broken through with something, but at the time it seemed like it was gonna be a hard one, compositionally and especially for recognizability.

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