Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Lost Cola Cowboy

This fella was definitely one of my favorite pieces to work on for "Bathhouse". I had been dreaming of making this illustration for months and months and constantly had to push it back due to interfering deadlines and just general life chores. I was given a book for Christmas a couple years back filled with all these weird and random facts and at one point in the book it mentions that Coca-Cola, Marlboro and Budweiser were the 3 biggest brands in the U.S. back in the 50's. Those 3 are so quintessentially american to me, even though Budweiser has german roots and it instantly made me think of all the political bullshit going on and this desire that certain people have to reclaim some romanticized version of the "good ol' days", like this lost cowboy creating some weird americana dreamland. I wanted to make this so over-the-top and I think I did, somewhat. I could probably always push it further. Anyways, it was a blast to work on.

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