Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's like George Strait and Joy Division Had a Baby.

Did a shirt for Homegrown Skate Shop in Ithaca, NY. The owner, Andrew, had seen my dead cowboy image and wanted something along those lines. We still went through some other options but in the end decided upon the cowboy and his horse on their last ride. By the way, we're not trying to suggest anything about the shop with this theme. We just thought it looked badass. There's also a sketch in here you my recognize because it has been shown on here before in a fully fleshed out state. Sometimes a rejected sketch is too good to let go.


Once I had done all the inking, I felt like I still wanted more out of the image, and that thing I wanted more of was CLOUDS!! I love drawing clouds, and what brooding western scene isn't complete without some gigantic, majestic clouds? I sketched a ton of different types of clouds and they all sucked. I was starting to think it was hopeless, and then I saw it; Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures album cover. BOOM!  I sat back in my chair, elated, thinking to myself, "That's exactly what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna draw some clouds that look something like that album cover!" I knew I wanted the first round printed on black shirts anyways, so it was settled.

Does the Unknown Pleasures influence come through? Or does it just seem far fetched?

To top this post off I've included the colored illustration that is going to be used on the next round of shirts. Maybe for fall? Stay tuned for info.

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