Friday, June 14, 2013

NYC's Gritty Children of Film

Travis Bickle gonna blow you away with some Gimme! Coffee. I altered the quote slightly, so don't jump on my case if you notice it's not verbatim to what he says in the film.

all of these characters/movies played a role in my fascination and subsequent move to NYC. While they're all portraying negative sides of the city, I couldn't help but be drawn into the world that would create them. Plus it was only 5 hours away from where I was comfortably viewing them on my mom's t.v! I'm not sad that when I moved here, these worlds didn't exist, because who really wants to be worrying about getting eaten by a C.H.U.D. all the time? Just day to day life here is stressful enough. But, I think the energy and creativity of the city that spawned them is what I really came for anyways. 
However, I can say some of that alienation and loneliness of Travis Bickle's world is still around. I think the popularity of OKCupid is proof enough of that.

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