Friday, December 13, 2013

Must. Keep. Drawing.

New image for the main page on my website and business cards. Below is a pic that shows what the back of the cards look like and what I originally intended the front of the card to look like. Decided it was too much for a business card so I covered up all that smokey lookin' detail.

Made an image for the disc golf team, The Swamp Divers, to print on their paraphernalia. Below is a shot of my false start. Gotta pay attention.

I was listening to the Tom Waits album Real Gone the other day and as the track, Make it Rain was playing, I just started sketching out some of the lyrics. This was the one I liked the most.

Always liked this saying.

Stiv Bators

J Mascis in black and white.

J Mascis in color.

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