Thursday, June 22, 2017

Tina Turner for thee Soul Clap & Dance-Off!

Back at it with a new Soul Clap poster. Nothin' like Tina Turner & The Ikettes shakin' a tail feather to let you know this is gonna be a good one. Jonathan Toubin is back at Madison Square Park this summer and he has Ural Thomas & The Pain performing with him this time around. Should be a great night so be sure to get there on July 19th!

I wanted to revisit the look of the James Brown poster that I had done a few years ago for this one. All of the dynamic jagged edges, motion and strong lights and darks have really made people gravitate to that piece. For the sake of grabbing people's attention I felt like a similar vibe would serve this poster well but I do feel like it became its own image in the process rather than a homage or anything along those lines.

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