Friday, March 2, 2018

Soul Clap & Dance-Off at SXSW!

Right after I finished the Soul Clap & Dance-Off 11th anniversary poster I immediately got to work on this one for the 7th annual SXSW Soul Clap & Dance-Off closing party. Woof! Some marathon studio time this past week. Miss Lavelle White gracing this new one and she'll be doing a live performance at the closing party. When I was wrapping this up I almost put some bats carrying off the records on this one but after I ate a whole bag of chips and thought about it, I decided to hold off. Maybe I should have but it's almost comical how many posters for the city of Austin, TX have bats on them. Also, for the fans out there, I hope you'll notice we chose the yellow and brown color scheme from the Duke Records labels. 

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