Thursday, March 29, 2018

Soul Clap & Dance-Off with Joe Bataan

We have reached chapter 4 in the Elsewhere and Soul Clap & Dance-Off saga. Joe Bataan and his crew will be gracing us with their presence for this one on April 21st. Took a little from the Subway Joe and Gypsy Woman album covers as inspiration on this one. Ya know, I spend a good chunk of time trying to get these likenesses and poses down of the performers but, I've really been diggin these line drawings of the dancers in the background. I don't spend a lot of time on them and I like their loose look and feel. I'm always struggling with my need to control all aspects of the image and attempts to create some loose and wonky parts so, these posters always feel like a step in the direction I want to head.

Had to take this one on the road so here we are spread out on one of my mom's sewing tables. Actually fell right into a groove and was pretty productive outside of my comfort zone.

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