Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Passengers Cafe

An old coworker/a damn good friend moved From Brooklyn to Cleveland last year and in his absence there has been a void, both emotionally and creatively. We collaborated and brainstormed on many projects together when we both worked at Gimme Coffee and I've missed his creative energy. I know for the past year he has been busy working on opening a cafe in Cleveland and eventually he asked me to help him create an illustration for him to use on some store merch. Although the creative process wasn't us sitting in a musty basement and giggling for hours, it was fun to collaborate with him again. The dude has been hard at work and I'm stoked to help him out with some of my drawing skills so, without further ado, I give you PASSENGERS CAFE. The cafe just opened last week and is located in the lobby of the Cleveland Hostel. Be sure to pop in when you're in downtown Cleveland.

This project went through a lot of brainstorming and sketch phases but we eventually decided on some sort of passenger pigeon image. Lot of process pics below.

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