Sunday, July 8, 2018

Left Field

New illustration for the 20 year anniversary of Queens-based menswear company Left Field. There's a big influence from the coal mining gear and tough workwear worn in the 20th century so I tried to make this look a little gritty by putting some charcoal down and just smudging it all over the coal miner. I feel like my work used to look way dirtier years ago and at first I was a little bummed that it's been looking cleaner but I think I've just learned to restrain myself and try to use certain materials on a piece when it calls for it. Anyways, it was fun to rub some charcoal all over this one. It was also brutally hot the whole week I worked on this and I feel like that really crept into the look of this poster. Every time I look at this illustration now I just feel the oppressive heat of summer days in the city. Be sure to swing by the next time you're in Ridgewood and check out their rad looking store on Woodward Avenue and grab some goods. Thanks to owner, Christian McCann for hitting me up for this project. 

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